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Jay Klaus, C.L.S.C.

Cranberry Township/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Jay Klaus is a bio-energetic consultant in the Pittsburgh area. He is passionate about the science of energy medicine that produces major life enhancements for his clients.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and has been a small business owner for the past 40 years.  Jay has been active in the Toastmasters public speaking circuit for over 30 years with the designation of CC/CL (Competent Communicator and Leader). 

As a complementary health facilitator for the past 10 years, Jay has completed numerous training programs to earn a Nutraceutical Consultant designation.  He also completed the Swiss Bionics Certified Lifestyle Consultant training for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF).  Jay became a Certified Discover Healing Emotion Code practitioner in 2019.  Jay completed the Accelerated Certification Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2022 as provided by Transform Destiny.

Jay has been married for 41 years to Dr. Barbara Klaus who holds a Ph.D. in Psychology.  They have three children and nine grandchildren. He has built a strong foundation delivering emotional freedom programs to a broad range of clients including health professionals, CEO’s, and individuals interested in removing the effects of negative emotional baggage and false beliefs. This frees an individual to experience higher levels of their innate God-given potential.

Jay has developed a three-step process to ensure a positive emotional outcome for his hypnotic practice.  

1.  Understand that most fears and anxieties are developed from your perceptions of life experiences.

2.  Create a new, positive, and healthy replacement belief for past perceived life experiences.

3.  Reinforce your new, positive, and healthy belief to become your new life perception.

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